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The Canadian Start-Up Visa Program: A Great Opportunity for Foreign Entrepreneurs

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Sankar Nair

Start-Up Visa Program for Foreign Entrepreneurs


Canada has always been a leader in welcoming and supporting entrepreneurs from around the world. The Canadian Start-Up Visa Program is a prime example of this commitment, providing a pathway for innovative entrepreneurs to immigrate to Canada and build their businesses here. The Start-Up Visa Program is designed for foreign entrepreneurs who have an innovative business idea and the ability to create jobs and contribute to the Canadian economy. It is a program that helps entrepreneurs who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents to immigrate to Canada by providing them with the necessary support and resources to establish and grow their business in the country.

What are the requirements of the Start-Up Visa Program?

To qualify for the Start-Up Visa Program, entrepreneurs must first secure a commitment from a designated Canadian organization. These organizations, which include venture capital funds, angel investor groups, and business incubators, must be willing to invest in the entrepreneur’s business idea and provide them with the necessary support to establish and grow their business in Canada. Velletta Pedersen Christie is proud to be connected to a Designated Business Incubator with international reach that can provide the essential Letter of Support required for the Start-Up Visa Program. This means that foreign entrepreneurs who work with our law firm will have access to the resources and support they need to apply for the program and establish their business in Canada.

How do I get a Letter of Support from a Designated Business Incubator for the Start-Up Visa Program?

To obtain accurate evaluation from the Designated Business Incubator and a Letter of Support, you will need: (1) a detailed resume; (2) a copy of your Passport Information Page; (3) a one page summary of the proposed startup venture which clearly states the problem you are attempting to solve, the initial customer segments, and the business model; and (4)  International English Language Testing Score (IELTS) General Exam score showing Canada Language Benchmark Level 5. The Designated Business Incubator will normally assess your application within one month.

How can I apply for the Start-Up Visa Program?

Once an entrepreneur has secured a commitment from a designated organization, they can then apply for the Start-Up Visa Program. The application process includes submitting a business plan, providing proof of language proficiency, and passing a medical examination and security clearance. Once an entrepreneur is accepted into the Start-Up Visa Program, they will receive a work permit that will allow them to come to Canada and establish their business. They will also have access to a network of resources, including mentorship and networking opportunities, to help them succeed in Canada. Work permit approvals normally take 5-16 weeks. The business incubation period starts and continues for 8 months. It is estimated that a decision regarding permanent residency will be issued within 12-24 months by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.


The Start-Up Visa Program is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who are looking to establish and grow their business in Canada. It provides a pathway for talented and innovative entrepreneurs from around the world to immigrate to Canada and contribute to the Canadian economy. If you’re an entrepreneur with a great business idea, the Start-Up Visa Program may be the perfect opportunity for you to achieve your dreams and build a successful business in Canada. Importantly, our law firm can help you navigate the process and secure the support you need to make it happen.

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