Employment Law

Victoria Employment Lawyers

We provide cost-effective and practical employment law advice for Employees and Employers.

As employment lawyers, we represent employees and employers in matters relating to wrongful dismissal and severance, and claims pursuant to the Human Rights Code.   We provide cost-effective advice to employers and employees on the implementation and drafting of employment contracts, including non-competition and intellectual property clauses.

We have represented clients at the BC Provincial Court, Supreme Court and Court of Appeal, and at administrative tribunals including the BC Human Rights Tribunal, the Employment Standards Tribunal and Social Security Tribunal of Canada.

Our employment lawyer handle:

  • Wrongful dismissal claims;
  • Bullying and harassment issues;
  • Constructive dismissal claims;
  • Discrimination and Human Rights Code matters;
  • Workplace sexual harassment claims;
  • Long term disability matters;
  • Severance reviews; and
  • Contract reviews.

We have built a boutique employment law practice within Velletta Pedersen Christie.  Contact us to set up a consultation and we will work with you to develop the best strategy for your legal issue.

For Employees

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Our lawyers possess the necessary skills and experience to assist employees in a variety of employment and labour disputes. We take a client-centred approach when advising on all matters, whether it be a workplace harassment issue, possible constructive dismissal claim, or review of a severance package. Our goal is to work with you to achieve the best possible resolution to meet both your personal and professional goals, both during and after employment.

For Employers

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Our lawyers possess the necessary skills and experience to assist employers in a variety of industries. Whether you are a small corporation, national or international corporate enterprise, we have the resources, knowledge and creativity to achieve workable solutions for your tactical, personal and business goals. We strive to assist our clients to achieve long-standing relationships with their employees, while at the same time preserving the interests of the company as a whole.

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