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Why You Need a Shareholders’ Agrement

British Columbia is home to a thriving small business economy. According to the B.C. Small Business Profile, in 2013, 43% of self-employed business owners carried…
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Joint Tenancy and Your Residence

Many homes have more than one person on the title to the property. Confusion often arises over what it means to co-own a piece or…
Blog 4 Velletta Lawyers Victoria BC

Caveat Emptor in Real Estate Transactions

As lawyers practicing in the area of real estate litigation, we often find ourselves advising clients who have purchased a home, only to discover after…
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Setting up a Sole Proprietorship

Sole proprietorships are usually the simplest, easiest, and most affordable business structure for a small business or new venture; however, there are still a number…
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Can I Sue My Home Inspector?

Purchasers of residential real estate in British Columbia will typically engage the services of a home inspector prior to purchasing a home.  For most British…
ICBC claims advice, Velletta & Company

ICBC Claims

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia must be notified of every auto accident injury in BC. Notify ICBC of accidents which happen outside of BC…
Partnership and business law, Victoria BC , Velletta & Company

Partnership Agreements: Who Needs One?

If you have a partnership, you need a Partnership Agreement. Successful entrepreneurs agree that good planning is a fundamental ingredient of any business venture. With…
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