Graham Weeks专注于公司/商业,房地产以及庄园的规划和遗嘱认证。格雷厄姆拥有位于塞勒姆的威拉米特法学院的争议解决证书。俄勒冈州。经验和批判性思维在他的实践中起着重要作用。

A considerable part of Graham’s professional life has involved working with entrepreneurial companies and/or being an entrepreneur himself. His MBA from Atkinson Business School in Salem, Oregon and involvement in the software industry during the formative years of the internet as a business platform gives him a unique insight into the challenges innovative companies face. He is currently developing a system that integrates legal advice with business considerations that could have a significant impact on the success of these types of organizations.


  • 律师事务所Weeks Weeks Doherty(1985年至1995年)的创始人和高级合伙人。在他任职期间,该公司在两个城市增设了三个办事处,并展示了一种商业模式,其中包括先进的网络计算,房地产文件组装软件和无障碍街道分支机构等创新。
  • 互联网软件公司Legal Anywhere(1996-1998)的联合创始人。 Legal Anywhere是最早利用互联网作为商业工具并将MBA学生的人才融入灵活的初创劳动力的公司之一。 Legal Anywhere被出售给NIKU,一家在NASDQ上市的上市公司。 Graham在他的实践中使用协作内联网/外联网。
  • Founder of organizational software/service organization iCapBiz (1998 – present). iCapBiz which was formed to integrate a platform of disciplines (including critical thinking, systems science and conflict resolution) and software that enable knowledge intensive organizations to operate effectively in complex and uncertain situations. The motivation for developing this innovative platform was to help organizations, including law firms, build capacity to collaborate, manage and optimize their physical and intellectual capital.
  • 马里恩县法院的调解员,塞勒姆,俄勒冈州。
  • 2011年至2017年,Dinning Hunter&Jackson律师事务所执业法律。


格雷厄姆是科尔多瓦湾法律分支办公室的工作人员,因此如果您需要商业,房地产或遗嘱以及来自Cordova Bay,Saanich,Brentwood Bay或Gordon Head的律师的建议,请致电Graham。