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Alison Rhynas - LAWYER

Alison Rhynas is a lawyer and alumni from the Faculty of Law at the University of Victoria. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in history from Saint Mary’s University in her hometown, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Alison’s practice is largely comprised of family law and civil litigation.

Alison previously worked for the Department of Justice in Vancouver and the Legal and Compliance department at GlobalWide Media, an affiliate marketing company in Victoria. In these positions she obtained experience working on large-scale and complex litigation, contract negotiation, and international law. While in law school, Alison completed a term with the University of Victoria Law Centre and contributed writing and research to BC Mining Law Reform’s set of recommendations for the regulation of the mining industry, A Plan of Action for Change.

Alison can offer her services in the following areas:

  • Civil litigation in Provincial and Supreme Court
  • Family cases in Provincial and Supreme Court
  • Drafting separation or cohabitation agreements
  • Drafting wills
  • Drafting contracts
Alison Rhynas 4 Velletta Lawyers Victoria BC