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Here at Velletta and company we work in the area of medical malpractice, amongst other things.

We work with some top notch medical and healthcare advisers who give us advice on the technical medical matters in your claim, in order to allow us to better focus on the legal and technical issues to properly prepare your case for trial. Not every case is a viable medical malpractice action. If you’ve been the victim of what you believe is medical negligence consult with us. We pride ourselves on analyzing the case on figuring out what is the standard of care, whether there’s been a breach and whether that breach has led to damages

In the cases damages have occurred, we’re happy to assist in moving your case forward and getting you the compensation you deserve.

Gregory Rhone obtained his law degree at the University of Victoria after studying Sciences, English, Classics, Political Science and Philosophy as an undergraduate. He articled with Gordon & Velletta and was called to the bar in February, 1999. Before joining the firm as a civil litigator, he was in private practice.


Medical Malpractice In Canada – Why You Need Legal Advice

Medical Malpractice In Canada - Why You Need Legal Advice 1 Velletta Lawyers Victoria BC

In Canada we rely on doctors and nurses, hospitals, and other health care providers including dentists, chiropractors, and the like to provide excellent medical treatment when we are sick or injured. When unintended consequences arise, they are often catastrophic. Nothing can be worse than a baby damaged through medical error, or leaving a hospital sicker than when you went in. If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of medical treatment gone wrong you may be entitled to compensation. To find out, it is essential that you speak to a lawyer about your claim.

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