ICBC Claims

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The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia must be notified of every auto accident injury in BC. Notify ICBC of accidents which happen outside of BC if they involve an ICBC insured vehicle or driver. ICBC claims can quickly become complex and technical.

If at all possible, get legal advice before you notify ICBC. We offer free legal advice to accident victims in Victoria, Vancouver, Nanaimo and throughout BC. Other lawyers may do so as well.

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Help! The insurance company is denying my claim!

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For many Canadians, insurance is a fact of life. We rely on our insurance policies to provide for us in the case of the unexpected. Insurance has become such an important part of our lives that in 2011, Canadians spent over 39 billion dollars on their premiums.[1] When you make a claim on your insurance, your claim will be managed by an insurance adjuster. The adjuster’s job is to ensure that you are paid out properly under the policy – and in most cases, your insurance claims are handled smoothly and you get the compensation and peace of mind you paid for. However, in order to keep your insurance premiums low (and the insurance company’s profits high), the adjuster must always endeavor to keep payments under the policy to a minimum. As a result, disputes arise between insurance companies and their customers about their insurance coverage, and many people find themselves frustrated, and in need of assistance in resolving these disputes.

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