Sankar Nair was a 2021 Summer Student with Velletta and Company and has returned as an Articling Student in 2022. Sankar was born and raised in Vancouver, BC but has called Victoria home since 2018. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Criminology and a Certificate in Legal Studies from Simon Fraser University. He then went on to study law at the University of Victoria and earned his Juris Doctor in 2021.

Sankar has founded and developed businesses in the e-commerce space since he was 16 years old. Just prior to law school, Sankar founded and continues to operate a unique start-up company offering niche products with sales over 20,000 units and counting. In his third year of law school, a special effect product that Sankar conceptualized and developed during his second year was featured in 9 different photography publications. He now has over 14 years of experience in business structuring, product manufacturing, supply chain management, asset purchasing, graphic design, as well as marketing, licensing and wholesaling. He draws from these experiences when providing legal advice, drafting contracts, and negotiating terms for his clients.

Sankar is a successful entrepreneur and sharpened his business acumen through the University of Victoria’s Business Law Clinic where he helped local entrepreneurs deal with intellectual property matters. He now acts as a mentor for the UVic Coast Capital Innovation Centre assisting early stage start ups. He has also worked with numerous not-for profit organizations assisting the most vulnerable members of society through Access Pro-Bono, Pro-bono Students of Canada, Reconciliation Canada, and the YMCA Plus-One Mentorship program. In his free time, Sankar enjoys cycling, exploring Victoria, and learning about Web 3.0 including cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens, and decentralized applications.