Graham N. WeeksLawyer

Graham Weeks specializes in the areas of corporate/commercial, real estate and the planning and probate of estates. Graham has a dispute resolution certificate from the Willamette Law School located in Salem. Oregon. Experience and critical thinking play an important part in his practice.

A considerable part of Graham’s professional life has involved working with entrepreneurial companies and/or being an entrepreneur himself. His MBA from Atkinson Business School in Salem, Oregon and involvement in the software industry during the formative years of the internet as a business platform gives him a unique insight into the challenges innovative companies face. He is currently developing a system that integrates legal advice with business considerations that could have a significant impact on the success of these types of organizations.

Career highlights include:

  • Founder and Senior Partner of law firm Weeks Weeks Doherty (1985 to 1995). During his tenure, the firm grew to three offices in two cities and featured a business model that included innovations such as advanced networked computing, document assembly software for real estate, and an accessible street level branch office.
  • Co-founder of the internet software company Legal Anywhere (1996-1998). Legal Anywhere was one of the first companies to utilize the internet as a business tool and integrated the talent of MBA students as a flexible start-up workforce. Legal Anywhere was sold to NIKU, a public company listed on NASDQ. Graham uses the collaborative intranet/extranet in his practice.
  • Founder of organizational software/service organization iCapBiz (1998 – present). iCapBiz which was formed to integrate a platform of disciplines (including critical thinking, systems science and conflict resolution) and software that enable knowledge intensive organizations to operate effectively in complex and uncertain situations. The motivation for developing this innovative platform was to help organizations, including law firms, build capacity to collaborate, manage and optimize their physical and intellectual capital.
  • Mediator for the Marion County Courts, Salem, Oregon.
  • Practiced law with Dinning Hunter & Jackson law firm from 2011 to 2017.

Graham is a dual American/Canadian citizen. He obtained his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Alberta and is a member of the Alberta, British Columbia and Oregon Bars. He has a Dispute Resolution Certificate from the Center of Dispute Resolution located at the Willamette College of Law. He also has an MBA from Atkinson Business School. He was involved in the Systems Science (the study of complexity and uncertainty) program at the University of Portland.

Graham staffs the Cordova Bay legal branch office, so if you are in need of business, real estate or wills & estates advice from a lawyer in Cordova Bay, Saanich, Brentwood Bay or Gordon Head, give Graham a call.