Michael J. Velletta - Lawyer

Mr. Velletta took his undergraduate studies at the University of Calgary in Business Administration and at the University of Victoria in Literature and Philosophy. Subsequently he went on to complete his Juris Doctor, Law Degree at the University of Victoria.

Michael Velletta began practicing law with a global, commercial law firm in Vancouver, British Columbia. Velletta & Company evolved from this experience, and today Mr. Velletta utilizes his diverse background, experience and interests to deliver legal services to public companies, private corporations, small business and individuals.

Commercial Law

Finding practical and economic solutions that propel businesses forward is a challenge that Mr. Velletta welcomes. While most of his clients are in British Columbia, growing international trade and the global nature of natural resource exploration and development result in transactions around the world; assisting foreign corporations with business in Canada, and guiding Canadian corporations with international business development. Many new clients are from Europe, Central Asia, the Pacific Rim and Australia.


Mr. Velletta has effectively drawn upon his many interests and a diverse legal practice to have successfully tried a wide range of challenging cases before juries and judges at all levels of Canadian trial and appeals courts, before juries and in international tribunals. These include commercial disputes, malpractice, aviation claims and serious personal injury cases.


Michael Velletta has sat on the board of governors of the TRIAL LAWYERS ASSOCIATION OF BRITISH COLUMBIA and the LINC UNIVERSITIES FOUNDATION, and was a founding director of PETROMANAS PETROLEUM CORPORATION (TSX-V:PMI), a publicly listed corporation with resources in Albania. He is currently on the Board of Directors for Australian owned Lithium miner MetalsTech (ASX:MTC); Canadian traded, Zurich Switzerland based MNP PETROLEUM CORPORATION (TSX-V: MNP), co-listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, Venture and Nasdaq OTCBB, with projects in Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors for EIGHT POINTS PHOSPHORITES, developing huge natural resource projects in Central Asia, and Bahamas based, The Bracket Company. He is a member of the LAW SOCIETY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA, the CANADIAN BAR ASSOCIATION, and VICTORIA BAR ASSOCIATION, the TRIAL LAWYERS ASSOCIATION OF BRITISH COLUMBIA, the ASSOCIATION OF INTERNATIONAL PETROLEUM NEGOTIATORS, and the INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS ANALYSTS.

In his spare time Michael Velletta enjoys international travel with his wife and children, board sports, photography and adventures in the great outdoors.



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