ICBC Claims

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia must be notified of every auto accident injury in BC. Notify ICBC of accidents which happen outside of BC if they involve an ICBC insured vehicle or driver. ICBC claims can quickly become complex and technical.

If at all possible, get legal advice before you notify ICBC. We offer free legal advice to accident victims in Victoria, Vancouver, Nanaimo and throughout BC. Other lawyers may do so as well.


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Dealing with ICBC can be difficult at the best of times. Many injured people are unaware that all ICBC adjusters work for the person who caused the accident not the victim. When a professional adjuster working for one of the largest insurance companies in Canada goes up against an injured accident victim -- it is usually no contest.

When you've just been injured in an automobile crash, haggling with an insurance adjuster can lead to frustration -- it can even set back your recovery.

That's why it important to consult a lawyer immediately. We welcome your questions. We will talk about your case free. We will give you valuable advice to help you preserve evidence, obtain appropriate medical care, protect your rights and maximize your recovery.

To find out how we have helped others with problems just like yours, click here. You can read media accounts of our cases. We call them our Success Stories.

Some clients say the best thing about having Velletta & Company helping -- they never need to deal with ICBC again. You can concentrate on your recovery while we work to get you fair and adequate compensation for your injuries.

Please remember, there are strict time limits for bringing claims. Some expire within days or weeks of an incident. Others can be years. If you miss a limitation, your claim can be lost forever. So never hesitate when it comes to finding out about and enforcing your legal rights.

To find out how we can work with you to recover your losses and expenses fill out our free Personal Injury Evaluator or contact us by e-mail.

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