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COnstruction law

Large pools of capital are contributed to construction projects and significant funds may be lost as a result of legal issues that emerge. To help prevent losses, we provide cost-effective legal advice and representation to owners, contractors, developers, sub-trades, engineering professionals, suppliers, manufacturers, insurers, property managers, and governmental bodies.

The majority of disputes in this area arise out of the contractual relationship between the parties. Parties to these contracts often use standard form contracts, which cannot and do not provide for the intricacies of a specific project. We can assist by drafting contracts that are project specific, ensuring that you are properly protected.

Construction projects are unique because of the number of parties involved. It takes a team of people, each specializing in a distinct area, in order for a project to succeed. Velletta & Company would be pleased to be a part of that team and can assist in all phases of construction including negotiating and preparing contracts, deal structuring, financing, and management. If disputes arise between parties, Velletta & Company is experienced in resolving disputes in an efficient, cost-effective manner, often without the need for commencing a lawsuit or proceeding to court.


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