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The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia must be notified of every auto accident injury in BC Notify ICBC of accidents which happen outside of BC if they involve an ICBC insured vehicle or driver. ICBC claims can quickly become complex and technical. If at all possible, get legal advice before you notify ICBC.

We offer free legal advice to accident victims throughout BC.

To learn about the process from injury to settlement, see the related articles below.

Dealing with ICBC can be difficult at the best of times. Many injured people are unaware that all ICBC adjusters work for the person who caused the accident, not the victim. It can be to your advantage to hire someone to represent you.

When you’ve just been injured in an automobile crash, dealing with an insurance adjuster can lead to frustration and not allow you to focus on your recovery. Consulting a lawyer immediately can save you pain down the road. We welcome your questions. We will give you valuable advice to help you preserve evidence, obtain appropriate medical care, protect your rights and maximize your recovery.

Some clients say the best thing about having Velletta & Company representing them is that they do not have to worry about their case anymore and can focus on their recovery and their life. We work to get you fair and adequate compensation for your injuries. We are able to settle about 98 percent of our motor vehicle accident claims out of court, so a lengthily and expensive trial is often not necessary. Many cases we even settle without the necessity of starting a legal action. If it is necessary to start a legal action for your claim, we will guide you through the complicated pre-trial processes to help you reach a resolution.

We offer contingent (%) fees to many of our clients allowing them to afford a lawyer by paying for their lawyer out of their settlement or court judgment.

Please remember, there are strict time limits for bringing claims. Some expire within days or weeks of an incident. Others can be years. If you miss a limitation, your claim can be lost forever. Do not delay in contacting us.

To find out how we can work with you to recover your losses and expenses, fill out our free Personal Injury Evaluator.


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