Insurance claims litigation

Velletta & Company has been in business for over 30 years and is experienced at handling insurance disputes with an outstanding degree of success in this arena. We are regarded as prominent in this area of the law. We can often resolve disputes without the necessity of starting a lawsuit or proceeding to trial. We sometimes offer clients contingent (%) fee arrangements for certain insurance disputes. Insurance law is very complicated and when a lot of money is riding on the issue it is often better to engage a professional who can protect your rights, understand your specific insurance policy, and have leverage against powerful, large insurance companies who only have the bottom line in mind.

Individuals and businesses carry insurance to protect themselves against unexpected events in their lives that could lead to financial ruin. They may have home, fire, automobile, life, travel, or disability insurance. Sometimes insurance companies wrongfully deny people and businesses their insurance coverage on which they have paid premiums. People and businesses may not be able to resolve insurance disputes alone. That is where Velletta & Company can help.

Are you having trouble obtaining the insurance coverage that you paid premiums for? Have you been cut off of disability insurance when you are still disabled? Have you been in an accident and denied coverage? Are you having difficulty dealing with an insurance company? Velletta & Company is experienced at representing insurance policy holders denied the coverage that they are legally entitled to through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, proceedings, and lawsuits. We never represent insurance companies. We obtain the best possible result for our clients with cost in mind. Trial is always a last resort because of the delay and cost involved. Do not delay in contacting one of Velletta & Company’s experienced insurance lawyers, as strict timelines apply to insurance claims, and if you do not abide by them, you could lose your right of coverage permanently.


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