Civil Litigation

Many people will be involved in a civil dispute at some point in their lives—a breached contract or agreement, a problem with insurance, employment issues, wills questions, injuries, and real estate disputes to name a few. Velletta Pedersen Christie offers legal representation at all levels of court in Canada. As a matter of right, parties are entitled to have their disputes resolved before the courts. Our goal is to cost-effectively resolve clients’ civil disputes.

Resolving a person’s civil dispute may include negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and when necessary, as a last resort, trial. Today’s lawyer has many new tools for resolving disputes that did not exist in the past; these tools are sophisticated, modern, and effective methods that are suit today’s financial and temporal realities. Our ability to act quickly, efficiently, and with a thorough understanding of the law and facts, has resulted in a high level of success for our clients. In many cases, we are able to meet our clients’ needs with creative solutions for the cost of litigation.

Velletta Pedersen Christie has had many notable victories, which now form part of Canada’s jurisprudence, and stand as leading authorities. We are seen as leaders in the area of civil litigation. Velletta Pedersen Christie has been in business in Victoria for over 30 years and has the objectivity, resources, techniques, and experience to effectively deal with disputes. In many cases we are able to settle our clients’ claims before commencing a lawsuit or without the necessity of proceeding to a trial; we settle 98 percent of lawsuits out of court. In today’s fast paced world a trial can be lengthily, expensive, and delay resolution for a long time and that is why Velletta Pedersen Christie’s lawyers use alternative dispute resolution methods as well as traditional litigation methods to resolve disputes. Legal disputes do not have to be long drawn out or expensive. Lawyers at Velletta Pedersen Christie adjust what tactics they use to resolve disputes according to the scope of the case; cost-effectiveness is always forefront in our minds.

Lawyers with our firm are members of The Law Society of British Columbia. Some of our litigation team are involved with The Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia and The Canadian Bar Association. Michael J. Velletta is a governor with The Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia.

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