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Effective legal advice to the entrepreneur will secure your investment, minimize difficulties and disputes with business associates, save taxes and expense, and reduce your anxiety and uncertainty.

We work with proprietors, partnerships, corporations and joint ventures from initial organization to establishing international relations.

Our work includes incorporation, partnership and shareholder agreements, buying and selling businesses, financing and all other transactions and advice for the entrepreneur.


Small business law advice from Velletta

Debt Collection for Small Business

Many small business owners are reluctant to retain the services of a lawyer to collect outstanding accounts, because the cost of doing so often exceeds…
Business Law Advice in Victoria, BC - Velletta

Planning For Your Business Succession

Every successful business owner will one day be faced with the dilemma of having to choose a successor. Giving up the reins of his or…
Victoria intellectual property lawyers

Be Smart About Your Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is not real property (land), or moveable, tangible property (chattels), but “property of the mind.” Your ideas belong to you, and if they…
Victoria BC law firm

Leases: The Chains That Bind

Losing your place of business or being locked into an unwanted or expensive lease can be a disaster. To avoid problems, take the time to…
Small business legal advice Velletta & Company, Victoria, BC

Starting a Small Business

This outline is prepared by Michael J. Velletta, a lawyer practising in the areas of real estate, corporate and civil law. This outline is selective,…
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