Arts & Entertainment Law

All successful artists must protect their artistic work and attend to the business side of their career. Whether you are a musician, songwriter, actor, visual artist or involved in theatre, dance, film production, or staging artistic shows or events we will confidently and economically attend to your legal needs.

Some of our services include:

  • Designing and implementing sound business organizations for publishing companies, production companies, record labels, and other entertainment organizations;
  • Drafting or reviewing contracts such as Royalty Agreements, Licensing Agreements, Location Release Agreements, and Ownership Agreements;
  • Negotiating financing arrangements between Producers, Distributors, and Talent;
  • Enforcing copyright claims on streaming platforms such as Youtube and Spotify;
  • Drafting Non-Disclosure Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, and Non-circumvention Agreements to protect your ideas;
  • Handling advertising, branding, and sponsorship deals.

We are, at times, more than lawyers, we are advisers helping to bring your art and entertainment to the spotlight. We understand what keeps you up at night and work collaboratively to find practical and creative solutions, at the heart of your career.

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